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Having your data displayed in a way that is bespoke to your business and which can be instantly accessed is key for analytics.

BI Dashboards provide a clear and instant picture of your data and eliminate the need to spend time producing long reports. This also ensures that your data is always up to date. Reports take a long time to produce and upon completion the data is often out of date. Making a decision based on old data is a sure fire way to make bad business decisions and allows your competitors to gain an advantage.

What’s more, with the latest technology the dashboards can be viewed on any mobile device, providing access to data, anytime and anywhere.

Key features to our BI Dashboards;

  • Data visualisation
  • Personalised and interact with all BI content in your dashboard
  • Easily share results and analyse information
  • View your dashboard on the move
  • Achieve a picture of your data
  • Provide decision makers with easier ways to explore business insights.
  • Clear understandable metrics

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