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Data Monetization

‘It’s all about the money, money, money.’

We all know that data is growing at a mega pace. What we should be looking at alongside harnessing the power of it, is the ability to truly understand data’s monetary value. The bottom line is, how can your company make money from its existing and growing sets of data?

At Granger Smith Consulting, we will help you to discover the true value of your data and uncover its true potential.

There are several avenues to explore when looking at making money from your data:

  1. The potential to sell market intelligence or competitor intelligence
  2. The sale of data which could assist complementary organisations with their marketing and target market.
  3. The potential to sell a proven business model which could include, supply planning or details on the UK market segmentation of ages etc.
  4. Selling data from unstructured sources which can help with the development of new products.
  5. Brining open source data to define risk models with banks and insurance firms.

Our highly experienced consultants in this field will help you discover new revenue streams based on your current data.

Contact us today to find out more and start making your data work for you.

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