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Marketing Analytics


Being able to successfully analyse the success of a marketing campaign is essential within any business. Having the correct analytical tools in place to do this can assist with:

  1. Reporting on the past – Granger Smith consulting can help you analyse the success of past marketing campaigns. We will help you establish which campaigns have generated the biggest ROI, was the email campaign more successful than the social media campaign?
  1. Understanding the now – with marketing analytics tools it is possible to establish exactly how well a current marketing campaign is performing now. For example; how are our customers currently engaging with us and what are they saying?
  1. Predicting the future – will help you generate powerful information which will assist you in analysing what your customers will want in the future, the most effective way to contact them and the next areas to target.

When all this data is readily available, the question is why would you not use it to its advantage?

The team at Granger Smith Consulting will work with you every step of the way from implementation to helping you ask the right questions to get the most from your data.

What’s more, with even more customers turning to social media there is a whole wealth of unstructured data waiting to be picked, analysed and turned into marketing gold.

To find out more on how we can help you contact us today.

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