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 Strategic Planning

The failure to create and adopt a successful BI Strategy is still very common amongst businesses. Not having the right business intelligence strategy in place can leave your business with a misalignment in strategic vision against execution.

The four main problems with not having a cohesive BI Strategy and problems your business could be facing are:

  1. Multiple Versions of the truth
  2. Mixed business logic
  3. Poor quality data
  4. Too much time spent programming data and not analysing the data

At Granger Smith Consulting we can help your company overcome these issues. We can help you create one from scratch or assist in updating an existing business intelligence strategy.

Following on from the creation of the roadmap, our experienced business intelligence consultants will assist with stakeholder management and ensure the right people are involved; look at the architectural blueprint and establish how the BI landscape will both look and work; and check for capability improvements for example, do systems need upgrading or re-developing?

It’s true what they say, ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’. Let Granger Smith Consulting strategically plan and set your business intelligence, data warehouse and data analytics projects up for success.

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